Jakab StevensJakab was born and raised in Florida and moved to Pensacola in 2012. Struggling socially, he began studying Psychology and social dynamics in high school. “I took it on [studying social dynamics] like a science.” He says, “I wanted to explore the mechanisms at play so I tried new things – the same new things over and over again – to see what would happen and if there would be any consistent results. There were!” In 2011 JakabĀ began coaching other college students – some on the Spectrum, some not – on various techniques and methods to become a more socially active member of the community, how to meet people and how to date successfully.

He now offers coaching sessions and consultations in the Pensacola area. His clients have ranged from serial daters who just needed to know how to spot Mr. or Miss Right, to Aspies with social anxiety so severe they had difficulty speaking to anyone they found attractive. With a tested technique and philosophy JakabĀ has helped dozens learn to meet people, improve their lives and express themselves to the world around them.

He continues to be involved in the Autism community as the Assistant Director for Anita Lesko’s Flying High with Autism Foundation and as a contributor to the ASPIration journal as a columnist discussing issues in dating.