Drexel GilbertMedia and communication expert, Drexel Gilbert, has spent her entire adult life in the public eye. She entered the world of television news broadcasting while still a teenaged college student. She spent the next 28 years interacting with people from all walks of life as a reporter, anchor, newsroom manager and public speaker. Whether interviewing the First Lady of the United States, anchoring wall-to-wall hurricane coverage, or entertaining a crowded auditorium as guest speaker, Drexel has learned the value of consistently presenting a poised, confident, approachable and genuine image.  She believes in living a positive lifestyle, even in difficult times. Her high-energy workshops deliver practical methods for attaining success and fulfillment in the face of adversity and, yes, even in the face of prosperity.

Drexel believes we should all have the opportunity to make a dynamic impact on the world around us. Her life-time of experiences will help you find, and put forth, your best inner and outer qualities. Today, Drexel is a media and communication consultant, speaker, publisher, and author. Her goal is to help each of us reach inside, pull out the best parts of us and use those parts to become the best we can be for ourselves, for each other, and for the world.