Daniel Heinlein Daniel Heinlein is the host of I Am Autistic, the flagship interview program of The Autism Channel, an on-demand streaming television channel dedicated to serving the autism spectrum community with programs that inform, entertain, and soothe an audience that had heretofore been underrepresented in the media marketplace. Daniel began taking an interest in autism and the autism spectrum community when he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2004, culminating in his involvement with the establishment of The Autism Channel in 2011. As an interviewer, Daniel’s job is to bring forth information and life experiences from a host of pertinent guests, ranging from financial advisors and psychologists to children on the spectrum and their parents. In addition to his commitments with The Autism Channel, Daniel co-starred in the ASA’s 2012 Autism Awareness Month campaign, helping patrons of AMC Theaters realize “we are all more than our autism,” along with documenting the Autism Society’s 2012 convention for their blog. In January 2013, Daniel appeared on NPR’s On the Media, speaking about the role and responsibilities of developing content both for and by the autism community. Daniel was invited to join a four person discussion group on “Autism And the Media” at the 44th conference and exposition presented by The Autism Society. Outside the world of autism, Daniel is an avid reader, distance runner, media junkie, and Chicago Blackhawks fan.