Craig Evans Autism HangoutFormer marketer and website developer Craig Evans was first exposed to Asperger’s in 2003 through his stepson, Nolan. In researching autism, Craig was astonished to find little information on how to not just “survive” with the condition, but “thrive!” Cures and causes are important, but for the 12-17 million directly affected by the 300,000+ living with the condition, insights into daily living are invaluable. In 2008, Craig decided to build Autism Hangout (dotcom) – a resource dedicated to this cause.

Autism Hangout is an online community designed to bring timely, relevant information on how to live with autism (thrive, even) to family, care-takers, educators, medical professionals and others dealing daily with those with the condition. Autism Hangout also offers social networking opportunities similar to Youtube and Facebook to those with autism.