Beth AuneBeth Aune is the owner-therapist of Desert Occupational Therapy for Kids, a pediatric outpatient clinic in Palm Desert, California.  Beth and her team of dedicated and passionate professionals provide assessment and intervention for at-risk children with a variety of diagnoses, including:  autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, developmental delay, feeding dysfunction, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and others.  Beth is a co-author of Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom (2010) and Behavior Solutions In and Beyond the Inclusive Classroom (2011) and author of Behavior Solutions for the Home and the Community (2013).  She is a speaker throughout the nation on the topic of identifying and understanding children’s problematic behaviors and sensory issues.  Her presentations, workshops, and books offer practical solutions and strategies for teachers and parents to implement in the school, home, and community settings.  Beth and her team of occupational therapists are committed to help children achieve their highest potential in their daily function, with an emphasis on partnership with parents, caregivers, and teachers.